How to climb the wealth mountain and join the upper class

Wealth and climbing to the top of the wealth mountain is free and open to anyone who want to climb. Yet, wealth is not cheap. To get the wealth of your dreams you have to climb up to get it. This means that there is a price to be paid for wealth. And this price is the price of climbing to the top of the wealth mountain where wealth is located.

Wealth and anything worthwhile is always at the top. This is so as to protect it from those at the bottom who have not yet developed the value for wealth. This means that one of the benefits you would derive from climbing the wealth mountain is that you would develop the value that is required to wield wealth well. Without this value, you will lose wealth or worse still the wealth will destroy or disgrace you. This is why the numerous wealth distribution program that focuses on dethroning wealth from the top of the mountain to the bottom is not sustainable. Not only is wealth never meant to be at the bottom, but it also has its own way of bouncing back to the top each time man tries to debase it.

This is because wealth cannot be distributed, it is earned. And the natural position of wealth is at the top. To get the wealth that you desire you must climb up and not hope for it to come down. This means that the only sustainable way to help the middle class join the upper class is to empower them with the ability to climb to the top.

To climb to the top as a middle class there are two things you must do. First, you must climb the wealth mountain and get within close proximity to the upper class. And second, you must be pulled up at some point by the upper class. And to be pulled up you need to be within reachable distance.

So how exactly do you climb?

To climb the wealth mountain you need two things- A speedy wealth climbing process and a strategic wealth pulling process. The speedy wealth climbing process helps you get within reachable distance to the members of the upper class. No one is going to risk coming down to your level to get you. You have to reach out to their level and be ready for a pull. And the strategic wealth pulling process helps you get the help that you need to get to the top quickly. No one ever climbs to the top of the wealth mountain all by themselves.

The wealth climbing process

Climbing the wealth mountain is the process of kick-starting the journey from the middle class to the upper class. The only way to climb is to increase your earning ability. This means that money and income is the main factor that pushes you up the mountain and not physical strength. To earn more money and move up quickly, you need to develop the ability to solve higher-income problems. This means that you have to become a high-income problem solver.

So how exactly do you climb?

To climb the wealth mountain with speed you need three things. The first is a positive Climbing attitude. The second is High-Income Climbing Skills. And the Third is a Visible Climbing Brand.

A positive climbing attitude involves four things-a positive thinking process and the ability to dwell on positive thoughts that make you magnetic to wealth. Next is your belief system and your ability to enlarge your empowering beliefs and shrink your disempowering beliefs. Also important is your motivation and whether it is strong, resilient, and internally driven or weak and externally driven. And finally is your climbing Weight- that is your ability to let go of the things that can slow you down, drag you behind, or reduce your speed on the wealthy mountain.

The second thing you must do to climb the wealth mountain with speed is to develop High-Income climbing skills. The quality of your skills greatly enhances your ability to earn more income. High-income skills produce high income and low-income skills produce low income. To climb the wealth mountain with speed you must develop high-income skills and there are three high-income skills to develop. The first is Creativity skills and the ability to solve high-income problems in a cost-effective way from start to finish. The second is the ability to build Rich Relationships and connect deeply with those that can help you and advance your life forward.

And the third is marketing – the ability to get paid the right amount of income for the value that you provide. It is the combination of these three skills that accelerates your ability to climb the wealthy mountain.

The third thing that helps you to climb the mountain is visibility. You need a visible brand to connect with the upper class. If creating wealth requires your effort alone then you could create wealth quietly and alone. But to create wealth you need the help of other people. And to get the help of other people you need to be visible to them.

There are three kinds of people you need to be visible to climb with speed. The first is an Upper-class mentor or a guide-someone who can guide you through the climbing process. Their role is to help you avoid dangerous climbing mistakes and to get to your desired destination with speed. This is where we come in.

The second thing you need is an upper-class as well as a peer sponsor. Sponsors are those people who are genuinely invested in your progress and advancement. Their role is to create opportunities for you to rise and inspire you to go the extra mile. We have an enabling environment that naturally attracts sponsors.

The third thing you need is customers. Customers will pay you for the value that you provide.  And you can expand your customer base by building richer relationships. You need to be visible to these three groups of people to facilitate your climb. The key here is to ensure that your mindset and skills are right before you begin to create visibility. As what you make visible can either lead to your advancement or stagnation.

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