5 Amazing Bags That Every Woman Should Have


The bag that I call “indispensible” is a fairly large and quite capacious bag, capable of containing a lot of items. It can be carried anywhere, because it is very resistant. Ideally, it is made of leather that, as you get older, becomes more and more beautiful.

I find you beautiful and, in fact, I often find myself they ask what bag it is and where you can buy it.

It can be carried by hand or on the shoulder. And if it also had a long shoulder strap, it would be the perfect bag.


Another bag that I think every woman would do good to have in your wardrobe and that for me has become really indispensable is the small to medium cross-body bag, which I tend to use a lot of also when I go on vacation or travel.

There is always enough space like a wallet, one or two bundles of keys, sunglasses, my mobile phone and some other small items, such as handkerchiefs, lip gloss or other.

I love a nice, long shoulder strap, that gets to the hips, while I hate those short ones that end at waist height or just underneath, which I find very unstylish.


I find that having a classic handbag in your closet is very useful both to cover a whole series of formal, professional and non-professional occasions, but also to “elevate” a very casual look, creating a pleasant contrast.

Naturally, there are beautiful classic bags of many brands and they are not necessarily big names: to make a bag look classic, in fact, is its linear shape, the beautiful leather, its sleek and elegant details.

There’s only a little warning to consider: wear these bags only when you actually want to look very formal, because the occasion demands it, or wear them with deliberately casual, young, informal outfits. Otherwise, they risk making you look a little older.


By chic bag I mean a bag that, because of its characteristics, is very “recognizable” and fashionable, perhaps because of its shape, a particular type of fabric or leather or for its details, such as a particular closure, a monogrammed fabric, etc.

As I have said before, I am not at all contrary to a monogrammed accessory, if well dosed inside a chic and simple outfit. Surely it is not true that monogrammed prints serve just flaunting a signature, as some may think. They also have a decorative function.

But an “iconic” bag can be just that for its particular shape, its precious quality leather and materials: there are many models to choose from.


It’s a bag with a really simple shape – an elongated rectangle or even slightly wider than high – basically a container of objects, ideally equipped with a nice shoulder strap that leaves your hands free.

The only flaw, in this case, is the fact that you can’t close the bag (apart from a small central compartment where to close the most precious things) and, therefore, it is not very suitable to be used for example on public transport or in big cities.

It is a very comfortable bag, however, because it allows you to insert and extract many objects with great ease. A must-have among the indispensable women’s bags, then!

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