Child sexual abuse comes in many forms and it is also known as child molestation. Child sexual abuse is where an adult or older adolescent uses a minor, an underage for sexual stimulation.

Child sexual abuse are in many forms, it could be by asking or pressuring the child, indecent exposure of the genitals, female nipples etc. Using a child to produce pornographic movies, child marriage is also a form of child sexual abuse.

Child sexual abuse can occur in variety of settings, it could happen in our homes, schools, churches or even in our place of work. Child sexual abuse often happens within our familiar place like our homes, schools, and churches and these are usually perpetuated by our family members such as uncles, cousins, nephews, nieces or even fathers and mothers.

Domestic workers such as nannies, drivers, house helps, gardeners and gatemen are not also left out, religious leaders are not exempted and this brings us to the word PEDOPHILES

Who are pedophiles?

These are adults that like to take advantage of minors sexually.

These people are everywhere!

They are members of families, our colleagues, our children’s lesson teachers, our leaders in religious organization, our neighbours and our domestic workers.

These people usually win the trust of their victims. They win both the trust of their victims and parents.

They make you believe the child is safe in their hands then they strike!

A lot of children and parents are in pains today as a result of these   pedophiles.

As parents, we should be more intentional, we should trust our children, always believe in whatever they tell us, we should not push away the things they tell us but act accordingly. Always listen and give ear to the little things that they have to say to us, so they will also tell us the big ones.

We should not leave anything to chance in training our children. Do not leave anyone in full custody of our children. When we do our bits, God almighty surely shall perfect it for us all.

Be watchful.

Rape! The cankerworm in our society.

In recent times, rape has been the order of the day, it has become so terrible that anyone can be the victim at any time and day. It is not only single ladies that are the victims, old women, our mothers and grandmothers are also raped. Children who are not even up to six months old, little boys are also not left out.

What is this world turning into! Where do we run to!

Who will come to our rescue?

Rape is something you don’t pray to happen to your enemy, those who survived rape , the stigma remains with them for a very long time if not throughout their life time. These are the questions that go through my mind, each time I think of the cankerworm called Rape that has ravaged our society so much. What does the perpetrators stand to gain? What he enjoy in place of the victim’s pain? Do you imagine at all if the victim happens to be your child, daughter, and sister?

What about your conscience?

What am I even saying?

When some fathers constantly rape their daughters.

A father raping his daughter is not normal, a child you know when she was conceived, watched as she was given birth to, all of a sudden, you find her attractive, your blood! God forbid!

Our eyes shall never behold evil again neither shall our ears hear evil again.

What is attraction?

If not that such a father is possessed by a demon.

I was opportune to join in a protest against rape few days ago, with our placards, everyone wanted to read what was on it and also know what we were protesting against, some motorists were in support of the protest, while some others were passing some silly comments which a sane person cannot say at a time like this.

Guess what? A group of men clustered together in a keke park, I also assumed that they were keke drivers, they were shouting you people should dress well and stop attracting us, so we don’t rape!

What nonsense!

Two people can never be mad at the same time. Let us assume that these ladies don’t dress well, that is why they are constantly raped, and what about the six months old baby that was raped? What is the attraction? Does it still have to do with dressing?

What about the 4 year old girl that was raped some years back in Abuja by her father’s houseboy? Does it still have to do with her dressing? What about the Muslim lady that was raped in Ibadan? Does it still have to do with her dressing? When we all know how Muslim ladies dress. What about the Uwa girl that was raped in RCCG?

There are some basic truth and the truth is that there should not be any defense for rape.

A man who has tendencies to rape has it, the way a girl is dressed is not an excuse to commit the crime Rape.

Few minutes of enjoyment of a rapist is a life time of pain, depression, suffering for the victim? We encourage the victims to speak out, so we can know where and how to render help to these victims, some of these rapist have diseases such as HIV, hepatitis, and other diseases.

We also encourage the mothers of these victims to also help them out because, gone are the days when mothers encourage the victims to conceal rape because of its stigmatization. Blames should not be apportioned to rapist because they are already going through a lot of trauma, blame can never right the wrong which has already been made, but rather solution to tackle this problem so they don’t keep reoccurring in our society .A serious punishment should be given to these offenders.

Solution! Is there any?

I doubt but the best that I can proffer is that our girls should be taught how to protect their selves, we should begin now to teach our little boys who will eventually turn to men to respect the girl’s body, they should be made understand that rape is a crime against God and against humanity, it destroys the society, it leaves the girl child broken, an experience that may never go away for the rest of her life. Let us catch our boys young for us to build a better society and to make the world a safer place for our girl child. It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men  -Federick Douglass

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