Snakes can’t live inside soakaway. The gas alone in your soakaway will kill them. Just in case you don’t know, the gas inside your soakaway can generate electricity.

Again I ask, does the Snake live inside your poo Or do they float on top of poo?

Do you know your bathing soap water also goes into that soakaway, both the wastewater from your kitchen? Do you know soaps carry harmful chemicals?

Again an average building has over 6 Chambers, think of it, for a snake to live inside the soakaway and still find its way to a w.c, it means it must pass many Chambers, so tell me. How possible is that?

Also, it is complete madness living in a storey building yet you are afraid that Snake will crawl out from your W.C, how?
it can never happen, that’s bcos the 4inch pipe that carries your poo from the w.c to the soakaway has a smooth surface, Snake can not comfortably crawl on it. It’s not possible.

Now is it possible for Snake to crawl out from your W.C? yes it is. But that can only happen if you stay in a bungalow, ground floor and you have a breakage in the service chamber that has a direct link to your w.c, I mean a direct link to the toilet.

So please those of you that are busy
Flushing fuel and salt inside ur soakaway, sorry you are just wasting your money.

To hear it now, Snake can only come out from your W.C if you have a broken Chamber that is directly linked to your toilet.

Snakes don’t live inside your soakaway because snakes too need oxygen.

Don’t forget to check your Chambers most times.

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