7 Top Trending Eyewear to Watch For in 2023

Eyeglasses are unbeatable fashion items that contribute a lot to fashion anywhere around the globe.  

Harlequin Eye Glasses:

The Harlequin Eyeglass collection combines the classic Harlequin pattern with a modern design. 

Tinted Lenses:

Tinted eyeglasses for light sensitivity are a big thing. Light sensitivity may be diagnosed as a medical condition called photophobia. People who find that light causes them pain often retreat to a dark room, keep the blinds closed, or even wear sunglasses to get some relief, this can cause your eyes to adapt to the dark and actually make photophobia worse. It helps those who live with migraine when paired with a healthy lifestyle.

Angular Oversized Eyewear:

Embrace the oversized trend with these stylish sunglasses. Angular frames with dark lenses and metal arms. UV400 lenses protect you from UVA, UVB, and UV400 rays.

Green Eyewear

Green eyeglass frames are an excellent option to revitalize your collection. Our catalog of green glasses frames helps keep your style fresh. Go green today!

Geometric Eyewear:

A pair of uniquely designed eyeglasses can make a world of difference to your taste, and when paired with a beautiful geometric shape or pattern, you can be really in a unique mode.

Wireframe Eyewear:

A wireframe has always been vintage style to date — and for good reason. Wire-frame glasses carry a unique charm unlike any other, and their recent comeback into popular fashion is a testament to that fact.

Eco-friendly Eyewear:

Stylish ethical eco-friendly sunglasses and eyewear are trending and have become fashionable in 2023. Sustainable sunglasses that help fund eye care globally.

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