How to take your business and Idea to the next level

1.Reach Your Customers in More Ways

If you are a retailer with no online presence, consider setting up a web store as another way to capture sales. Once you have captured enough customer emails, consider an email campaign to keep your message in front of your customer base. And don’t forget about social media.

    2. Work on the Business and not in the Business: A 60%/40% Approach

    Use 60% of your time to proactively focus on tasks that truly add value to your business or cannot be done by others. The other 40% of your time should be divided into two categories: 20% on planning and 20% on strategizing.

    3. Master Your Numbers

    Once you understand the basics, what else can you measure? Understand your inventory turns and dive into your cash flow. Now is the time to start to measure your business and use metrics to take your business to the next level.

    4. Make Strategic Acquisition or merger

    As you acquire or merger with with a/other businesses that are ancillary services, you not only control the cost of your primary business, but you gain the clients and customers of those ancillary businesses—not to mention the introduction into new areas of business or industries not originally served by you, through a partner they already have grown to trust.

    5. Ride on the Wings of Social Media

    Create and document content that provides value to your audience and builds a relationship with them. This could be industry insights, tips and tricks, or even entertaining behind-the-scenes videos.

    6. Attract and Reatain the Right Workforce

    Provide the best platform and system that will employ and retain the new generation of workers that area energetic, passionate and visionary, who will help your business navigate and thrive in business environment

    7. Create a System for Your Business

    To get to the next level of business growth, you need to create a robhst system that will monitor your finances, logistics, personal, operations and growth.
    With this, it will be very easy to scale up your business.

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