The Entertainer 2023

Registration Deadline 30 May 2023 Who may enter The competition is open to anyone. Details: The Finest Magazine 2023 Contest, Tagged The Entertainer is a part of the Finest Rock Magazine Annual Contest, which takes place every year since 2016. There are 5 categories for entertainers over 18 years of age. Below is the format to apply: • Do a 1 Minute Video with the Finest Rock Magazine soundtrack • Upload the video to our Youtube Channel • Go to the website, fill out and submit the entry/application form ( • Send a Your Name to the Notification message received after submitting the completed form • Ensure the Check periodically on our Facebook and Instagram handles to comment or like your videos because the video with the highest number of likes and comments gets the Grand prize. Entry fees The Contestant MUST be 18 years or above: Registration Fee Prizes • Grand Prize: #100,000:00 • 2nd Prize to be won: #50,000:00 • 3rd Prize to be won: #20, 000,00 Competition website For further information visit the official competition website.

Apply Here

For you to qualify for the STAR PRICE, you must come tops in your interactions (Share, Likes, Subscribe, comment) on all our social media (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube) platforms.
The more visibility your video gets the higher your chances,

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