Every Brand has a life; and to live this life, there must be a commitment, concerted effort, and approach to every second, minute and moment spent developing that brand.  

  • Rich Anyanwu

When you see your life as a brand that has been painstakingly, flawlessly, and carefully crafted; then excuse, mediocrity and lifelessness evaporate.  Your LIFE (brand) breathes life into brands changing the world for the better.  You will then begin to assist social change organizations with strategic brand thinking and design and inject inspiration into the various platforms you find yourself.


Your life is bigger than you can imagine, find out how to uncover, develop and demonstrate the gifts, wisdom, strength, values, and talents that are uniquely you. That’s why it’s so important that your brand (Life) stands out! Your brand needs to become memorable and a part of people’s lives.

1. Establish your brand promise: When you think of how you’d position yourself, think of keywords that you would like to be known for. If you’re having trouble, ask those closest to you to suggest good things that suit you best. Take your list and filter it down to the two positive traits that show up the most.

2. Live out the brand: Once you’ve identified your brand, ask yourself every day and in every situation, ‘am I living my brand with my actions, speech, and even the way I dress? Think of your brand in both professional and personal settings. Live your life and let everything in you live that brand.

3. Take it to the world: We have only one life to live, live it as if it will end the next moment because it can. You must take a proactive approach to take this brand to the world. Go social, professional, political, etc.; so far it amplifies your brand.

4. Evolve your brand: Don’t stop growing in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Don’t feel the pressure to identify your brand for life. Expect it to go through several organic rounds of changes during your lifetime, just like you. Your brand should change over time as you continue to grow yourself.

5. Disassociate: In your bid to grow, develop and demonstrate your brand; disassociate with any association that doesn’t catch up with your pace, and wants to pull you down as regards reaching your destiny.

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